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AEP Audio Editor Basic

AEP Audio Editor Basic is an intuitive multi-functional Windows audio editor and recorder
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21 March 2011

Editor's review

This is an audio editor. It lets you record audio through the sound card on the system also.

AEP Audio Editor Basic is an audio files editor and recorder. The interface presents a waveform based visual display that seems to have become standard with such programs. The advantage is, you can easily do cut-paste type editing on the sound files. To do that accurately, you are assisted by a time display that measures thousandths of a second. You cannot get more accurate than that. You are able to also zoom into the waveform to really set your editing point very accurately. Edit options available are Cut, Copy, Delete, Paste, Paste from File, insert or delete noise or silence in an audio file. Recording through your sound card also is possible. When doing recording, related controls appear on the interface. You get a preview player controls too. This is slightly counter-intuitive as there is a player available for the edit windows. In fact, overall interface is not very well designed, not very intuitive somehow.

You can add several effects to your sound tracks. These include Amplify, Delay, Equalizer, Fade, Normalize, Silence and Stretch. It is supposed to support most of the major audio formats, though these are not listed in the description or at the publisher’s home site. It is confirmed the tool will support MP3 VBR codec, OGG Vorbis as also Vox Dialogic ADPCM and WMA 9 format. Having edited the audio files successfully and adding any effects you wanted, the tool will make organizing the tracks easy by allowing you to edit the ID3 tag information. Overall, it is a fairly easy to use audio editor.

Publisher's description

AEP Audio Editor Basic is an intuitive multi-functional audio files editor and recorder for starters. It allows you to perform various operations with audio data such as displaying a waveform image of an audio file, editing, recording and applying various audio effects. Supports all major audio formats. Provide 8 sound effects. Support mp3 VBR codec and Windows Media 9 format. Support ID3 tag editing.
Editing - Open, create and save audio files. Play an audio file or any part of it. Visually edit an audio file (Cut, Copy, Delete, Paste, Paste From File, Insert or Delete noise or silence in an audio file)
Display - Display a waveform window of an audio file and apply zooming
Recording - Record new audio file from a microphone or another input device
Digital effects - Apply different effects (Amplify, Delay, Equalizer, Fade, Normalize, Silence, Stretch)
Support all major audio formats - Supports a wide range of audio formats
ID3 tag & Media information - Insert and change information about an audio file (Album, Artist, Genre, Title)
Supports the following file formats
Waveform audio (WAV)
MPEG Audio (MP3 and MP2)
Windows Media Audio (WMA)
Audio CD Tracks
OGG Vorbis Audio
VOX Dialogic ADPCM
RAW Audio
AEP Audio Editor Basic
AEP Audio Editor Basic
Version 2.0
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